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Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED
Posted by Jason on 2020-04-17 06:37:57
Right now I would put the UK in with the US. But you're right, Spain, Italy and France are not far away. The thing about borders is that they don't really matter if all countries are on the same level. 

The reason why Germany has been able to control (relatively speaking) the virus is through early testing and tracking. There is an app they are now pushing for tracking, but it has to be voluntary because Germans are very sensitive about surveilance.

Allowing travel prevents this tracking. It also encourages tourism which is prime for virus spreading. In my (layman) opinion, travelling across borders without good reason should be in place until the virus is 100% under control in the EU. Based on this, more businesses can open locally. As you say Barry, you miss travel as we all do, but it's not essential as you appreciate. 

It's obviously because I'm living in my favourite place anyway, but I knowm others are also just looking forward to life returning to some normality and enjoying what's in their area. It's another beautiful day here and it would have been perfect to go up to a Keller. But we're going to take some beers to the river and find somewhere quiet to sit and enjoy the weather (the rules aren't as strict here as in the UK). 
               Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Mark Andersen on  2020-04-17 06:41:00
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