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Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED
Posted by Jason on 2020-04-16 14:15:11
I'm afraid that even if pubs and hotels have reopened, borders even in the EU may remain closed for some weeks yet. It's of course nothing personal to anyone from anywhere, but if we go through this and then start allowing flights and tourists in from the US, I for one would be really pissed off. I do not anticipate traveling anywhere in a plane this year, and even if I want to (which I do), I wouldn't. I'm afraid it's no longer a priority, nor a reality. 

If a miracle happens and it disappears/we get a vaccine, you'll be welcomed with open arms, no question. 
             Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Andrew H on  2020-04-16 15:11:31
               Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Jason on  2020-04-17 00:00:18
                 Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-04-17 01:07:05
                   Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Jason  on  2020-04-17 06:19:11
                 Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Mark Andersen on  2020-04-17 06:28:49
                     Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by JohnRatcliffe on  2020-04-17 09:34:26
                       Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by Jason  on  2020-04-19 08:37:37
             Events until 31.8 (at least) CANCELLED by AndyH on  2020-04-20 00:50:05
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