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Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-21 01:37:03
Yes, or get off the train at Oberhaid and it's an even shorter walk. could also be combined with a visit to Stettfeld. 

There used to be a brewery in Unterhaid called Gambrinus. As far as I understand/been told, the beer is brewed to its original recipe by Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf. It's called Hausbraeu, which usually means it's taken from the brewery young and lagered in the cellar of the Keller. The head on the beer was quite magnificant on all 3 I had: big rocky foam which stayed right until the end, perhaps another indication of a good lagering time (maybe just becasue the kellers have opened later). 

I would definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area. Again, if you're in Bamberg for only a matter of days, as this requires an investment of time unless you have a bike/driver, I wouldn't worry. 
                     Ebensfelder Brauhaus Kellerbier  by Andrew H on  2020-05-21 01:45:37
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                           Gambrinus by Andrew H on  2020-05-23 01:04:18
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