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Former military bases (was Green Goose)
Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on 2020-05-27 08:50:06
To make it beer related...what is now Unicum was formerly the officer's club. It is the only proper Biergarten on the site, and we were delighted when they switched from Zirndorfer to ...erm... a pale unfiltered Vollbier from a little brewery in the fraenkischen Schweiz. Damn me for forgettin which one now.

The food took a turn for the better in about 2016 when a Turkish family took it over, adding a good steak and very decent burgers (for European standards) to the menu.

Man, that was a nice little life there, free of the crush of tourists typical of certain other nearby cities' Biergaerten (plural).
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