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Current situation re openings / conditions
Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on 2020-05-27 08:23:01
Eventually an accident will kill you, if nothing else, within 600 years or so. That's what I read once. But with what's being learnt about autophagy (Nobel prize a few years ago was in this field) and other things, whether we are in fact obliged to get old. Biohacking and all that.

Oh, give blood regularly too. Not plasma, but actual blood. Well, give plasma too as that's always needed, but regular blood donors age much better than non-donors.
                 Getting Old by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on  2020-05-27 08:30:51
                   Getting Old by Mark Andersen on  2020-05-27 11:08:33
                   Getting Old by David Greenlee on  2020-05-28 02:08:15
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