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A Photo of 36 Bottles of Beer
Posted by Nick B (formerly in Erlangen) on 2020-06-03 07:57:09
Hope you're enjoying yourself and are well, Juergen. Ian is a very big guy on, but he is NOT the sort of guy that only takes a sip. No, he drinks an appropriate, enjoyable measure, and enjoys a place and culture as much as the beer.

I think he'll be travelling in his new camper van. I will insist that you two meet up. Or try to, anyway. Take him to Spielbach and wherever else.

AFA no need to store beer goes...if you mean, there's no good reason to not get out to the Keller(s) and drink it, as opposed to let the beer there lager (Eng verb: to store)...good one. If you mean, however, there's no reason to resort to 36 bottles of beer, well, Ian has no real alternative ATM.

Me...if I were drinking beer these days, I'd be limited to expensive supermarket bottle selections (or whatever online shops can ship, I have no idea), or the sort of industrial American lager I used to frown upon, or the nearby "craft" place, that looks like where I would have drunk myself under a table every night in a previous existence. Yikes, the web design! That place appears to have no re-opened. Florida (and/or the county where I am) kept bars that don't serve food closed longer than restaurants, but I think that has changed now.
         A Photo of 36 Bottles of Beer  by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-06-05 03:44:02
           A Photo of 36 Bottles of Beer  by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on  2020-06-05 11:40:40
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