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Musings on current situation in Bamberg
Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick) on 2020-06-05 11:58:53
Interesting for me to read about all this from Florida, which is apparently the US state with the highest population that is also relaxing the rules as aggressively as anywhere else in the Union. Different perspectives from different places.

Becki says she observes restaurants/cafes not being well visited at all in Aachen, since people are still afraid to go out to eat, and it's not easy to accomodate doing so with the regulations. She's fine with that, as she's got a lovely little flat with a big patio to enjoy for the time being, and likes being in control of what she eats anyway. 

I don't know WHAT statistics or data to "believe" at this point. I have nurses at the hospital across the street saying it's "just a bad flu" alternating with "no it's definitely deadlier than a bad flu". "It's gotten way better" vs. "we still have three whole floors dedicated to COVID19 patients". "It's primarily old people with diabetes" vs. "It's killed young, fit people too."

I have learnt this hospital is the #2 COVID19 hospital in the greater Tampa area, a relatively major US city. And none of the nurses have said they're anywhere near close to being full, not able to deal with other illnesses or injuries, etc. 

I'm lucky to be living alone, I guess, in a comfy duplex with a backyard, about to start moving into a trailer home. I would love to join a gym, now that they've reopened, but that sounds like about as risky a place to be as you can get.
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