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Pivovarská Nalévárna U tří hrušek
Posted by FredW on 2020-06-19 22:03:12

You know what I am going to ask smiley -- any pictures of the exerior you can get if this (or any other new place) would be greatly appreciated. Not sure when I'll be able to repay in beer -- with the way things are going here the rest of the world may shoot down any US airliners headed their way...

(BTW, those with the Prague app it has been added)
             Pivovarská Nalévárna U tří hrušek by Jason  on  2020-06-21 07:09:59
               Pivovarská Nalévárna U tří hrušek by FredW on  2020-06-22 22:42:47
                 Pivovarská Nalévárna U tří hrušek by Jason on  2020-06-24 05:47:19
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