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Favourite Kellers
Posted by Jason on 2020-07-07 13:50:04
Well that's fair enough... of course, everyone has their favourites. For me the Eichhorn Kellerbier trumps the lot, but hey ho.

I'm not quite sure how Hansi decides which 'barrels' are best? He's not a winemaker haha. Surely it's a batch brew and he has no idea. Plus I thought the beer in the pub was served from the tanks (I might be wrong, just something in the back of my mind). 

It sounds like the sort of yarn (story) that Hansi would spread himself. He's a character and no mistake. I've heard he won't be brewing/working forever, so enjoy it while you can!
                 Favourite Kellers by Jason  on  2020-07-07 13:51:18
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