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OT: Czech Republic
Posted by Andrew H on 2020-06-27 14:56:40
yes,thanks Jason. I was just thinking more in general terms,of course Germany has handled the situation far better than the UK. But as it is not run by old Eatonian inbreds they already had a head start.The trouble being no matter how well any country is at handling the pandemic, as soon as cross border travel restarts, off we go again.
Not having a go,just airing some thoughts. Enjoy the trip!
PS. I would think, that no members of this forum take any notice of the gutter press's opinion regarding anything to do with Germany.
                 OT: Czech Republic by Jason  on  2020-06-27 15:15:09
                   OT: Czech Republic by Barry Taylor on  2020-06-28 03:33:43
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