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OT: Czech Republic
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-06-27 09:46:15
I've read the Czech regulations (really, you need to be a lawyer!) but, essentially, as Mosquit says, the UK falls into the category outlined in the second part of the FCO's statement, viz:

'If you are travelling from the UK and do not have Czech Residency, you are only allowed to enter the Czech Republic for limited, specific purposes set out by the Czech Ministry of Interior. These purposes for travel include visiting family members, studying at University, or business. ~They do not include tourism from the UK. If you do not have Czech residency, you will not be allowed to enter the Czech Republic unless you can prove your visit is for one of the purposes set out by the Ministry of the Interior. If you travel to the Czech Republic without proof that your visit is for one of those purposes, you will not be allowed to leave the airport and will have to return to the UK on the next available flight.'

I think this is what accords to the 'orange' status, which I think will be probably be negotiated down (or up?) to green in the not too distant future.  Meantime, updates on the state of play in Prague pubs would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, stories of the conditions of aircraft do not make for comfortable listening/reading - whenever it's possible, maybe trying rail will be a better answer.  Quite pricey, but what price a life?  In this respect, can anyone report on rail travel on DB or Czech Rail?

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