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State of affairs in Bamberg
Posted by David Greenlee on 2020-07-01 07:51:10
Jason, apologies in advance, you seem to be getting rather a lot of questions. Perhaps this is one of the challenges you mentioned of living in Bamberg. My question concerns payment. On past visits to Bamberg, I have always used cash whereas here in Dublin, I haven't needed to use it since early march. Cash transactions are one of the surest ways of transmitting all manner of viruses including Covid 19 which is why a lot of shops here are reluctant to accept it. Card purchases are preffered, either contactless or chip and pin. In your experience are cards being accepted in breweries/kellers or is cash still king?  
                     State of affairs in Bamberg by Mosquit on  2020-07-01 21:09:03
                     State of affairs in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-07-02 03:32:36
                       State of affairs in Bamberg by David Greenlee on  2020-07-02 11:25:47
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