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State of affairs in Bamberg
Posted by Jason on 2020-06-28 23:42:53
I do, it is a great place to live and enjoy beer, but it's not without it's challenges. 

I didn't mean to put you off coming - as I said I haven't heard any cases of people being rude or anything. And there are also quite a few Italians living in and around Bamberg, so it's not THAT unusual. It was just a word of caution, nothing more. I'm visiting Prague in a few weeks and I have to consider the same (if my few words of Czech don't get me through I've got German or English, neither of which may be well recieved). But we have to get on with it. 

I hope you enjoy your visit, either next month or a little longer. 
         State of affairs in Bamberg by Mosquit on  2020-06-29 00:59:08
           State of affairs in Bamberg by Jason  on  2020-06-29 01:16:52
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