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Hebendanz (pub)
Posted by Jason on 2020-07-16 12:24:07
The opposite to this of course is the modern beer movement in country's where the beer culture was flagging or had been lost. I imagine 1960s Britain was the same, with many people drinking beer in 1 pub, from 1 brewery. In my beer drinking lifetime, curiosity about beer and the almost infinite possibilities has obviously exploded in the last 20 years. It started with small breweries opening up, brewing traditional styles with a twist here and there. People started visiting beer festivals, pubs installed more hand pumps, imported exotic varieties opened up even more eyes and created more diversity (a simplified summary). People started thinking about what they are drinking in a similar way to what they eat. It became a hobby. 

This 'curiosity' is I would say largely absent here. Craft beer is making small inroads in Germany, but mainly in areas/cities where it is filling a void left by widespread brewing consolidation, or where there are young people with curiosity and money (eg Hamburg or Berlin). By contrast, Franconia largely rejects this, because there is no void to fill, and no curiosity to satisfy. Combined with a staunch loyalty and conservative streak. The whole mindset is arse about face. 

A country that never ceases to amaze me when it comes to beer is the Czech Republic. Although there are of course big brand loyalties and a relatively strong beer culture, perhaps the strongest in the world, it has (to me) embraced the brewing styles exhibited by new wave breweries. IPAs sit alongside traditional Pilsners. Beers of 4% next to beers of 8%. Breweries like Vinohradsky brewing world beating lagers next to excellent pale ales. In contrast to the UK, where traditional styles are (to some extent) shunned for the shiny new varieties, and Franconia where they are revered.

The Czechs (again, to me), have seamlessly integrated modern and traditional. I don't personally want to see much change in the Franconian brewing scene per se, except more curiosity. I want beer to be given respect, treated like a live product. Clean lines, clean glasswere, good tapping. I want it to be the best not because all the locals think so, but because it is. Critical thinking and a little bit of awareness that there is a bigger world out there, that there are other countries and brewers also making great products. You can get Franconian beer in Prague - there's no snobbery. 

Why not have your beer served BA on certain days? Why not brew something new once in a while (and not a Zwickel pils). Why not put the focus more on the consumer and less about just doing your job?
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