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Hopfen Rebell
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-08-21 05:51:13
An newspaper article from February 2018 about a decision, that the council of Staffelstein has allowed to build a new craft beer brewery in Staffelstein:

Google Translation:
Starting shot for the eleventh brewery
The construction committee gave the go-ahead for a craft beer project in the horse fields. The storage space of a civil engineering company in Bahnhofstrasse, on the other hand, was rejected.
The inn is allowed to build the desired beer garden. Photo: Mario Deller
The inn is allowed to build the desired beer garden. Photo: Mario Deller
The Bad Staffelstein city area already has ten breweries - a great unique selling point for the municipality. In the not too distant future, an eleventh is likely to be added. In its most recent meeting, the building committee approved a building application that has exactly that as its object.
A craft beer brewery with a restaurant as well as residential and business premises is to be built in the horse fields path in Bad Staffelstein, according to the intention of a company that has acquired the property intended for this purpose. As city architect Andreas Ender explained, the client is considering an elongated building as a restaurant parallel to the passing street Äußerer Frankenring with an eaves height of around seven meters. Company apartments are planned on the upper floor of the future building, on which the craft beer brewery will be built as seen from the street at the rear of the property.
The project is permissible from the stipulations of the development plan, and the committee members also saw the necessary minor exemption from the stipulations of the development plan for the purpose of access as unproblematic.

"That would be an enrichment for the city," said a positive Harald Konietzko (SPD). In the end, there was a unanimous vote on the submitted building application.

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