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News from Café Abseits
Posted by Jason on 2020-09-08 10:33:24
Mein Glückwunsch Gerhard - du hast es gut verdient! 

Café Abseits was the first place I visited in Bamberg back in 2007. Seems a lifetime ago. Good to see it continuing largely as before. One thing i would say, is that it would be great to see some different breweries represented. Maybe a brewery every month. The likes of Bayer in Theinheim, Gradl in Leups or Rittmayer Aisch for example. Places that are notoriously hard to reach without a car.

Of course that requires some transport but if Gregor can bring Franconian beer to Munich why is Bamberg still lacking in a beer bar where one can try a large range of beers that are not as easy to find as the typical range. Strawanza manages it to a limited but very good degree. I don't go to Abseits that often because I prefer to visit breweries directly, but if they had something different every now and again I would go more often. 

Anyway, glad that it will be past into good hands. 

     News from Café Abseits by JohnRatcliffe  on  2020-09-09 00:19:55
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