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Häschaadä Keller
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-09-11 06:59:45
Sorry to read about a bad experience in Hirschaada, as it is a favourite of mine.  We stopped there many times while staying in Seigendorf (turn right under the autobahn) and go up the bloody big hill!  There was usually a choice between beer from Kraus and Huebner (always good).

It was always a friendly place and we met many nice people there - including some who gave us a lift up the hill!  Not a spectacular keller, no beautiful views, roar of the autobahn traffic. etc., but a real oasis when desperately needed!

Kraus has become an enignma for me.  I always liked the garden and the beer but I've read the stories about the politcal leanings of its owners (and customers?), so I probably wouldn't go there now.  Not to mention the butchery!

I didn't know that you were a Knoblach disliker.  Why?
     Häschaadä Keller  by Jason on  2020-09-12 06:09:06
       Häschaadä Keller  by Barry Taylor on  2020-09-12 14:12:34
         Häschaadä Keller  by Jason on  2020-09-13 03:46:53
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