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Schesslitz Drei Kronen
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2020-10-09 00:32:20
In the yeae 2008 the brewery Drei Kronen in Schesslitz won a gold medal of the European Beer Star Awards with their Weizenbock (also 2009 and a silver medal in 2010).

We visited the brewery with the hope to taste this Weizenbock. To oue disappointment, it was not on the menu. But when we lamented, a waiter's heart opened and he brought us one of the few, hidden leftover bottles. In this year this Weizenbock was a seasonal brew. Because of they get an explosion of the demand, they decided to brew it the whole  year. 2008 they won not only the Gold medal in the beer style Weizenbock but also the consumer's favoerite Gold medal (the most popular beer of all beer styles winners).

Some years later (2012 ...) Josef Lindner, the owner and brewmaster, developed a friendship with Dominik Maldoner in his years as the brewmaster of the Braumanufaktur Weyermann. Together they brewed 2013 a Franconian Pale Ale and 2015 a Franconian Brown Ale (more on the malty side than a anglo-saxonian ale, but very nice, expensive in big bottles). A part of has been matured in a wooden barrel (Original Schäazer Drei Kronen Pale Ale Barrique). 2017 Dominik Maldoner has left Weyermann, has worked as a brewmaster at the new brewery Eulchen in Mainz and since this summer as a  brewmaster at the brewery Wimmer in Bruckberg.
       Schesslitz Drei Kronen by Uncle Jimbo on  2020-12-02 22:27:07
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