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Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen!
Posted by Carl on 2020-12-24 07:56:05
In the past, I've been told that a rule of thumb is that beer bottles cost three times what the contents cost.  Could be more in Germany, where most are recycleable.  The founder of a major regional brewer in Minnesota told me a couple of years ago that there were only two bottle suppliers remaining (aquisitions?) in the USA.  That was one of his reasons for installing a canning line.  I have heard very recently that aluminum cans are  very short supply, due to the shift from tap sales to off sale..
I believe that modern cans preserve beer noticeably better than bottles.  They are all now plastic-lined, so the beer never contacts the metal.  Plus no light issues.  Plus more compact.  Plus quicker to cool.
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