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Hausbräu - update
Posted by Andrew H on 2021-04-03 12:52:36
If you decide to do this again Jason, could I make a suggestion? Try to find out from the brewer if the the beer they are filling the casks with has reached "terminal" gravity this may be a term we use only here so ,they may have a different terminololgy. But if it is the true terminal gravity the beer will achieve. If so, then to be honest I dont think the home lagering will substanstially alter the flavour,unless done for a really substantial time, at very cool temperatures.
But,and here comes the but. if they are filling the casks with a beer that has a "final" gravity and may have a little fermentation left to complete. then home "lagering" would be worthwhile. Dont be frightended by exploding cask urban myths if you want to tap it with a little more condition. you are unlikley to build up enough co2 to pop a bung, anyhow it will weep a bit first.
Just a few thoughts.
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