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Oberfranken visit
Posted by Mads Klinkby (Dollewaitor) on 2021-06-28 14:03:56
Putting the finishing touches on this years trip

New visit will be Brauerei Hoh. Never been able to reach it while open.

   Bayer Theinheim, Zehendner, Hummel and Lieberth (Dorfkeller) will be lovely revisits.
    A few questions: Are the special masks FFP2 sold most places in Bamberg? How easy it to get a covid test in Bamberg?

   Any other than: Hummel, Lieberth, Zehendner (lagerbier) serve their beers BA?

  Cheers, Mads
   Oberfranken visit by Jason  on  2021-06-29 06:09:01
   Oberfranken visit by Mads K on  2021-06-29 06:19:31
     Oberfranken visit by Jason  on  2021-06-29 15:43:08
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