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Opening hours Keesmann - Indicative?
Posted by Jason on 2021-07-18 11:04:55
Bamberg residents are notorious for their dislike of other people a) enjoying life in what is also 'their' city and b) anyone who wants to make a living. Remember Canalissimo? 1 person pretty much ruined it for thousands.. Of course it doesn't occur to them that they live in a touristy/studenty town that could have easily ended up being a forgotten backwater but unlike many places of it's size has nightlife to rival much larger towns and cities. Without it it'd be Rothenburg or Dinkelsbuhl, a museum. 

You don't like it, move somewhere else. Be grateful you can own a house in such a beautiful place - the value of which has increased exponentially over the past decades because of the attractiveness of a town that is alive. 

It's not just the beer garden. Spezi make last orders inside at 21.30. 
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