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More closures
Posted by Jason on 2022-02-02 11:39:01
It was cited in the local paper "because of COVID". Then it went on to talk about retirement age, no successor, raw material/energy increases and a desire for a holiday.

An alternative view: no interest to keep running the business. 

As mentioned, my experience has never been good there, apart from the beer. The pandemic has changed my view on some breweries actaully, rightly or wrongly. Some places have pulled out all the stops to make things work. Eichhorn Doerfleins did beer and food to take away during lockdown from 15-19 every day except Sunday and Monday. Greifenklau did takeaway beer, as did Schlenkerla. Many country breweries did this and still do, even whilst open. I have a lot of respect for that and certainly would mean they come out with a lot of fans I imagine. 

Spezial did it sporadically. Some did nothing. 

On the price rises: I hope that bottled beer gets more expensive rather than piling it all on draft beer, which has a relatively high profit margin. But the brewering conglomorates have a strong hold on the supermarkets. 
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