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Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl
Posted by GerhardSchoolmann on 2022-04-12 01:26:19
In the last years (since 2018) David Hertl has also launched some mtraditional beers. They are successful and have a good reputation, more expensive as other traditional beers but ,cheaper as his crazy craft beers. These beers are named after family members, contract brewed at the brewery Rittmaier and filled there in bottles (0.5 l, Euro-bottles). The own brewery of David is very small and the beers there brewed filled by hand in bottles and so too expensive for the market of traditional beers.

Now David can brew these beers in larger volumes in Schnaid. Because iShnaid has not a fillery, he can let fill these beers in the neighborhood (Rittmaiyer).

Brewer of the Gänstaller beers in Röbersdorf is Norbert Fischer, the owner of the brewery Fischer in Greuth. His brewery is closed technically since some years. Parts of the installment are sold. The pub is open. His beers have been contract brewed at Rittmayer. He also served them at beer festivals. Maybe You know his nice Rauchbier.
       Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by pivnizub on  2022-04-12 04:39:05
       Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by Jason  on  2022-04-12 15:01:07
         Brewery in Schnaid and Hertl by AndyH on  2022-04-13 03:39:31
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