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€9 public transport ticket
Posted by Mosquit on 2022-04-24 11:46:02
I was checking VGN info and at the moment, they expect that Anruf sammel etc. will have surcharge, so 9 EUR will cover only "base price". 
I also expect that it should be valid also to tourists, it was mentioned on VGN website that it should be possible to buy it also in ticket machines, and that it actually worth to buy even if you plan just single trip for a longer distance...
                     €9 public transport ticket by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-04-24 12:25:47
                       €9 public transport ticket by AndyH on  2022-04-25 02:58:46
                         €9 public transport ticket by Jason on  2022-04-25 03:31:20
                           €9 public transport ticket by Joris on  2022-05-03 14:06:05
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