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OT Oberhaid
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2022-05-20 16:53:27
I've now asked twice to see the brauerei at Kraus and been turned down, even though they advertise Brauereibesichtigungen. Someone more tenacious than I will need to find out how they produce the magical beers.

I took the bus to Roppelt-Keller, clambered through the forest to Rittmayer-Keller, walked round the corner to Lieberth-Keller and then walked the long walk back to Hallerndorf to get the bus to Forchheim. So glad I've finally been to these places.

As I was drinking my beer in the Lieberth-Dorfkeller in Hallerndorf the thunder started, but I didn't care as the bus was due right outside.

I stopped off at Vogelgässler for a Först Lager but sad to say I didn’t think the beer was anything special. Still great to see a country beer on gravity in an urban pub though. 
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