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Eichhorn Forchheim saved
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2022-05-14 07:17:43
According to this video the Eichhorn brewery in Forchheim has been saved by a consortium including a Forchheim investor and the brewer David Hertl:

I know some don't rate Hertl’s own beer and I definitely have no interest in trying any of his weird ‘craft’ concoctions, but the guy does seem to be sincere about preserving traditional brewing culture.  With the former Gänstaller brewery and now Eichhorn there are two traditional breweries that without him would now most probably be standing empty in the near future. 

The guy from Frankens Bierwelt is doing a good job making these videos. 
   Eichhorn Forchheim saved by pivnizub on  2022-05-15 00:36:39
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