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Lagering in Keller
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-26 01:45:50
Spot on, I spent quite a bit of time in Ulm and Kronenbrauerei is very proud of its upholding of 'tradition' by harvesting ice to maintain the temperature of their fermentation cellars. And yes, average beers. 

As a general rule, breweries have modern steel fermentation vessels these days so why would you go to all that effort for a product that may well be inferior more often than not? It's not simply about filling barrels and leaving them, you'd need special huge barrels a bit like those in Pilsner Urquell. Which means you'd need to pitch and re-pitch them on site. The whole thing would cost a fortune.

Further, you'd massively increase the risk of spoilage as the wort is taken from a completely sanitized environment into a completely unsanitized environment, in general, but especially the barrels themselves and the risks associated with open fermentation. 

It's for these reasons that Hausbrauer beer is interesting on a tiny scale - it produces inconsistencies that make it worthwhile to the enthusiast. But for the brewer wanting to make a consistent product it's better to use the technology. 

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