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New Greifenklau brewery (and beers)
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-30 10:30:52
Most are but Spezial of course hasn't. I have no idea why they have last orders at 8.30pm on a Sunday night. I used to be a regular on Sunday evenings and it was the busiest night of the week with Stammgaeste. Why open at 9am? I'm all for beer with breakfast but not at the expense of beer after dinner. During the week last orders are at 9.30pm. If they don't need the money that's fine, but I heard different things during the pandemic.  

Keesmann is back open at lunchtimes but shuts at 10.30pm. Same with Greifenklau. The rest are normal. 

         New Greifenklau brewery (and beers) by Andrew H on  2022-05-30 11:55:49
           Spezial by Mark Andersen on  2022-05-31 03:00:25
           New Greifenklau brewery (and beers) by Jason on  2022-05-31 06:27:50
         Spezial  by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-06-04 05:57:51
           Spezial  by FredW on  2022-06-04 13:16:19
             Spezial  by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-06-04 18:44:14
               Spezial  by Rob Sterowski on  2022-06-04 20:50:13
               Spezial  by Jason on  2022-06-05 01:39:23
                 Spezial  by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-06-05 12:09:30
                   Spezial  by Jason  on  2022-06-06 03:59:18
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