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Sandkerwa questions, booking a room for 30
Posted by Jason on 2022-07-28 23:08:11
Haha! Thanks for the congratulations:) 

Luckily we have our venue long sorted, this is just a post wedding gathering for those traveling. I'm still working out my draft beer list but it's looking like; 

Rittmayer (Aisch) Kerwa festbier Hausbräu (currently lagering in Klosterbräu) 
Augustiner Helles from the wood (courtesy of a Munich friend) 
Eichhorn Dörfleins Kellerbier 
Spezial Rauchbier 
Meister Vollbier 

Should keep 'em happy ;) 
               Sandkerwa questions, booking a room for 30 by Mark Andersen on  2022-07-31 07:28:25
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