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Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld
Posted by Jason on 2022-11-25 11:08:24
Will sadly close its doors at the end of the year (pub and brewery). It's been coming, the guy is in his late sixties I would guess. 

One of my favorite breweries for a simple yet süffig fränkisches Vollbier. I will try and go this week. A humble place, but one of the most significant losses of recent years.  
   Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld by JohnRatcliffe on  2022-11-27 08:12:22
   Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld by Mark Andersen on  2022-11-27 16:05:47
     Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld by pivnizub on  2022-11-27 22:48:34
     Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld by barry on  2022-11-30 07:04:43
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