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Ambräusianum is still shite
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2023-01-06 10:43:44
I have never been back to Ambräusianum since 2008, because the beer was so bad then. 

This time I thought to myself: come on, it’s been FOURTEEN YEARS, time to give them another chance. 

Nope. The beer was foul. The only Seidla in Bamberg that I didn’t finish. 
   Ambräusianum is still shite by Pivnizub on  2023-01-30 07:01:27
     Ambräusianum is still shite by Rob Sterowski on  2023-03-16 09:26:51
       Ambräusianum is still shite by AndyH on  2023-03-17 04:45:27
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