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New Deutschland-Ticket
Posted by Jason on 2023-05-31 00:57:01
You need a Gernan bank account or at least an EU one (I think). Cancelling is simple enough but you need to do it quick enough to avoid it rolling over. 

It's to help German citizens deal with the increased cost of living crisis / energy crisis and is not meant for tourists. It's funded by the German tax payer. 
     New Deutschland-Ticket by TreinJan on  2023-05-31 01:54:15
       New Deutschland-Ticket by TreinJan on  2023-05-31 02:59:48
     New Deutschland-Ticket by Rob Sterowski on  2023-05-31 04:31:21
       New Deutschland-Ticket by Jason  on  2023-05-31 06:04:44
         New Deutschland-Ticket by Unble Jimbo on  2023-05-31 23:27:51
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