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Fred Waltman R.I.P.
Posted by Unble Jimbo on 2023-06-01 23:10:37
I was very sad to hear that Fred passed away today.  He was instrumental in my discovery of Bamberg and my love for Franconian beer.  I believe it was in 2003 that I discovered this website and forum, and posts here convinced me to take my first ever vacation to Germany, and specifically Bamberg.  I had the pleasure of meeting Fred several times over the years during visits to Germany, and I tagged along with him and his Sticke Warriors a couple of times to Dusseldorf.  I also attended the Kerstbier Festival in Essen, Belgium, where I saw Fred (he loved that fest).  I believe that last time I saw Fred in person was in Spring 2016 in Bamberg, but I also did a few Zoom Stammtisch videoconferences during the early years of the COVID pandemic.  He was a great guy, and he will be truly missed.  I hope someone takes up the mantle to continue this website.
R.I.P. Fred Waltman
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