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RIP Gerhard Schoolman
Posted by Jason on 2023-03-06 10:14:35
I have just heard that Gerhard passed away today. I know he was known to many of you personally and many more by name and reputation. It goes without saying that his knoweldge and patience, especially with non-Germans speakers, often went way beyond expectations. As co-owner of Cafe Abseits he introduced many people to the joy of countryside Franconian brewing and opened his own mind to craft beer very early on. 

His generosity and efforts driving people around, answering technical questions and organizing tastings will I'm sure be remembered by all who benefitted from them.

I shall raise a glass this evening. 

   RIP Gerhard Schoolman by Mark Andersen on  2023-03-06 13:59:24
     RIP Gerhard Schoolman by Uncle Jimbo on  2023-03-07 21:55:39
   RIP Gerhard Schoolman by AndyH on  2023-03-08 06:33:35
   RIP Gerhard Schoolman by Rich K on  2023-03-08 14:17:46
   RIP Gerhard Schoolman by David Greenlee on  2023-03-27 02:03:29
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