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This summer's experience of Franconian beer
Posted by AndyH on 2022-08-12 04:36:46
A couple of weeks after returning from Bamberg and getting over the thrill of being back amongst the beers, I have to say that not everything was as great as I had hoped. As always, the general standard of all the beers compared to other parts of the world was good. It was hot, we were thirsty, we drank a lot of beer, we never suffered as a result.

However, there were few stand outs and far too often U and Kellerbier styles were far too carbonated.

Special praise goes to Eichhorn Doerfleins; Galerie for Sauer on gravity; and Bootshaus (Weihrer).

All round stand out experiences Schlenkerla; Metzgerbrau (although the beer wasn't as amazing as the htpe suggested); and the Coburger Bratwurst at Annafest
   This summer's experience of Franconian beer by Rob Sterowski on  2022-08-12 16:13:45
     This summer's experience of Franconian beer by AndyH on  2022-08-15 01:28:07
       This summer's experience of Franconian beer by Jason on  2022-08-16 04:02:50
         This summer's experience of Franconian beer by AndyH on  2022-08-16 04:38:41
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