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Posted by Jason on 2022-08-16 03:41:18
I would always go to the keller. The beer quality is good there and it's a nice keller. Maybe the pub is only open in winter when the keller is closed. Have never been to the brewery so can't confirm any gastro possibilities there - and would be sceptical. 

If you're a fan of walking it's a nice idea to go to Bad Staffelstein with the train and walk to Leicht, Pferdsfeld and then to the Ebensfelder Keller via Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses. Just an idea. 
     Ebensfeld  by TomM on  2022-08-19 09:00:26
       Ebensfeld  by Mosquit on  2022-08-19 09:59:09
         Ebensfeld , BadStaff, Loffeld after Br. Trunk, Metzgerbrau by B N on  2022-08-19 11:47:56
           Ebensfeld , BadStaff, Loffeld after Br. Trunk, Metzgerbrau by TomM on  2022-08-21 23:48:53
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