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Bamberg trip September
Posted by Rich K. on 2022-08-16 10:54:52
Hello everyone. I'll be in Bamberg for a few days on the front end of a business trip and plan to vet out some places / hikes for a longer trip scheduled next year. Tentative agenda: 

Thurs, 15 Sept: Afternoon arrival, stick around Bamberg (Spezial, Schlenkerla, Wilde Rose, Bootshaus, etc.)
Fri, 16 Sept: Memmelsdorf > Merkendorf > Drosendorf (Wagner, Hummel, Goeller, Hoehnskeller)
Sat 17 Sept: Forcheim > Stiebarlimbach / Kreuzberg > Schammelsdorf > Eggolsheim (Neder, Roppelts Keller, Rittmayer-Keller, Dorfkeller Lieberth, Witzgall)
Sun 18 Sept: Doerfleins > Kemmern > Hallstadt (Eichhorn, Leicht's Keller, Wagner-Braeu Keller, Diller-Keller)

Optional: Tiefernellern > Litzendorf > Geisfeld > Strullendorf (Hoenig, Knoblach, Griess Keller, Rossdorfer Felsenkeller, Schwanenkeller Strullendorf)

I'm considering swapping Doerfleins with the Tiefernellern excursion. I will be staying in Bamberg close to Faessla / Spezial, so night cap options are limitless. 

Feel free to provide feedback / input on the agenda. I really appreciate this forum and the wealth of information all of you insiders have offered over the years. Proestla!  
   Bamberg trip September by Jason  on  2022-08-16 13:36:01
     Bamberg trip September by Rich K. on  2022-08-16 14:07:45
       Bamberg trip September by AndyH on  2022-08-17 01:50:22
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