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New Deutschland-Ticket
Posted by Unble Jimbo on 2023-05-29 09:17:24
I have read about the new Deutschland-Ticket which allows for unlimited local train rides for €49 per month, similar to last Summer's €9 ticket.  The big difference to me is that this new one must be subscribed to, which means it will renew every month.  The DB website says it may be canceled any time, but in my past experience it is very difficult (for foreigners) to cancel anything with DB.  

What does the group think?
   New Deutschland-Ticket by Jason  on  2023-05-31 00:57:01
     New Deutschland-Ticket by TreinJan on  2023-05-31 01:54:15
       New Deutschland-Ticket by TreinJan on  2023-05-31 02:59:48
   New Deutschland-Ticket by Rob Sterowski on  2023-05-31 03:54:36
     New Deutschland-Ticket by Rob Sterowski on  2023-05-31 04:31:21
       New Deutschland-Ticket by Jason  on  2023-05-31 06:04:44
         New Deutschland-Ticket by Unble Jimbo on  2023-05-31 23:27:51
     New Deutschland-Ticket by Joris on  2023-06-08 02:06:35
       New Deutschland-Ticket by Joris on  2023-06-08 03:41:44
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