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Posted by ToddA on 2023-06-14 13:04:18
From what I have ben able to uncover Fred did not want anyone to have sole control of this site. Which means no one can take over the various sites he maintained including this one. If what I see is true the domain will be turned off so to speak on 7/27/23.
   Status of this site...  by Nick B. on  2023-06-14 15:37:58
   Status of this site...  by Rob Sterowski on  2023-06-15 02:40:25
     Status of this site...  by Mark Andersen on  2023-06-15 05:33:46
       Status of this site...  by Jerry on  2023-06-16 05:33:26
         Thank you for update!  by ToddA on  2023-06-16 19:18:45
           status by Robert Waltman on  2023-07-26 06:33:10
             status by Scott D on  2023-07-26 06:50:30
               status by Jason  on  2023-07-26 07:02:33
             status by Jeff Romain on  2023-10-17 20:58:52
               status, Dusseldorf by B N on  2023-10-18 05:52:16
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