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Deutsche Bahn ticket promotions?
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2023-07-01 13:45:20
Most of us, including the OP of this thread, fly to Germany, so I don't really understand your point. 

I try to take ferries and trains where practicable, but I fly more often than not.

Rail & Fly is very often a good deal if you’re arriving by air and travelling on to e.g. Bamberg. Comparing a Friday in the middle of August, many advance fares are already more expensive than the fully flexible Rail & Fly ticket.
             Deutsche Bahn ticket promotions? by Uncle Jimbo on  2023-07-01 15:58:25
               Deutsche Bahn ticket promotions? by Rob Sterowski on  2023-07-02 06:11:21
                 Deutsche Bahn ticket promotions? by Uncle Jimbo on  2023-07-02 11:51:46
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