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Bayerischer Anstich
Posted by Jason on 2023-06-29 01:18:13
Wow that list is old. It's unfortunately one of the trends of the past years and is continuing unabated. Eichhorn in Dörfleins doesn't have gravity - the barrel that appears on Sundays and Tuesdays just brings the beer directly up from the lagering tanks. A compromise I can live with as it tastes superb. 

The Schumann Keller in Bischberg has fake barrels. As for the list, here goes; Schlenkerla will not open a new barrel if it's late as it's just a 'waste' I guess. Can still be drunk the next day though but won't be as fresh. 

​Schlenkerla, Bamberg YES
Spezial Keller, Bamberg NO
Mahr's Brau, Bamberg (usually, but not always - ending in 2015) NO
Lieberth's Keller, Kreuzberg. Also the Dorfkeller.YES
Brauerei Zehendner, Monchsambach (usually if there is enough people. If you are a bigger group, feel free to ask for it) YES
Lindenbrau, Grafenberg YES but not always 
Neder, Forchheim YES 
Löwenbräukeller, Buttemheim YES
Griess keller, Geisfeld NO
Brauerei Holzlein, Lohndorf (not always) YES
Brauerei Honig, Tiefenellern (Definately. Both in the pub and sometimes in serving hut by beer garden - always Pils, sometimes also Lager) NO
Schmausenkeller, Reundorf (Not the main house but the hut) NO
Roppelt's Keller, Stiebarlimbach, sort of (non CO2 dispense from 10 Hl bag) NO
Witzgall Keller, Schlammersdorf (Closed as of 2014) CLOSED
Brauerei Gradl, Leups-Pegnitz YES
Wagner-Brau, Kemmern (Fridays after 1600) YES but no longer the Keller 
Heckel, Waischenfeld YES 
Brauerei Eichhorn, Dorfleins NO
Brauerei Buettner, Untergreuth NO 
Wagner Brau, Merkendorf (all the time except very morning hours "U" Lagerbier on grafity; sometimes also other beer type). Applies both for pub and beergarden at the back.
Hummel Brau Merkendorf (only Kellerbier is from gravity - barrel is hidden in "fridge" but always used except of very late night when it is empty) YES 
Brauerei Knoblach in Schammelsdorf (Kellerbier) NO 
           Bayerischer Anstich by AndyH on  2023-06-29 01:43:09
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