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Disappointing beer quality
Posted by Rio on 2023-06-28 00:29:52
The general beer quality on last weeks trip was surprisingly disappointing even after being used to the occassional less-than-average batch.

The two worst offenders:
- Schlenkerla Marzen (at the Wirtshaus): with the moldy cork taint like flavour I've come to expect there (1st day). Much better on the second day. Been going on since years now.
- Schlenkerla Krausen ("): most Diacetyl ever experienced in a beer. Revolting. Commented to the staff and after comparing it to a bottle, they said it tastes as it should. Shocking.
- Schlenkerla Stiftungsbier (bottle): Diacetyl
- Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered (botle): Diacetyl
- Spezial Ungespundet ("): strong butyric acid (vomit) in the nose. Much better at the Keller but lightly present when warm.

Bit shocked by how glaring the issues are. Understand its difficult to locate the source, especially production continues - still disappointing and I've decided to go to Prague instead of visiting next month again.
There were quite a few more disappointments, but none as drastic as above. And reliable (it seems to be) highlights: Keesmann, Roppelt, Griess, Will - and a very good Heckel.
   Disappointing beer quality by AndyH on  2023-06-28 01:39:20
   Disappointing beer quality by Jason on  2023-06-29 01:19:47
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