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Musings on current situation in Bamberg
Posted by Jason on 2020-06-05 04:57:59
I haven't heard of any plans to restrict the measures further. And they did that in Souel (bars opened) and within a few days a guy had infected 50-100 people (don't quote me on that). So I imagine they will remain cautious. 

There has been financial help in some cases, but you have to apply for it. I think this kind of support worked during lockdown, where places could furlough staff, but that's no longer possible if you're open (AFAIK). They are also reducing the rate of tax on food orders from July-June 21 by 9% (I think), but as said, this is on food only, not drinks. There is also relaxation of rules for outside space so you can potentially space out your tables, but I think this is informal (case by case) rather than a law though. 

If Gerhard has time, he knows more than me. 
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